Adspire: Endless Possibilities at your Finger Tip.

Endless possibilities at your finger tips with Adspire mobile app.

– No more branch visits, open an hi-flex savings accounts on your device in 1minute.

– A revamped user interface and user experience fashioned specially for you.

How to get started

– Install Adspire 

Launch Adspire  and click on “Open Account” to create your account in minutes

– Enter the OTP (one-time password) received on your mobile phone to confirm your identity

– Choose your PIN, which will be required to validate all transactions

– Open your Hi-Flex Savings Account and start enjoying endless possibilities.

With Adspire, easy financial transactions are always just a click away.

You can transact whenever and wherever you need it, right on your mobile device.

Use Adspire also for Bills payment, cash transfer, TV subscriptions and lots more
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